Posture and chiropractic

Good posture is the easiest and most effective way to maintain a healthy body and avoid chronic aches and pain. Good posture helps maintain good alignment which in turn encourages proper biomechanical function. Sore backs and other aches and pains are commonly caused by poor posture. Chiropractors are biomechanical experts that can help assess and remedy aches and pains caused by poor posture. Overall Good general health and sitting upright has statistically been shown to increase self confidence. People with poor posture are shown to have more aches and pains than individuals with good posture.  If you have poor posture in one area can affect your walking, sitting etc and as a result you can develop problems in other areas as well. Chiropractors can provide postural assessment , which locates the problem and remedies it. Assessing ones Gait/Walking cycle is a contributing factor to posture. How a person walks/ move is reflective of how good there posture is.  If you tell the person you are analyzing there posture they will immediately change it so anysis of posture should be done blindly. When assessing posture you will look from the front side, back, and compare one side to the other. It is important to see an expert like a Calgary Chiropractor or physiotherapist who is trained in assessing posture so they can guide you down the right path.

Marketing and Fitness

I’ve been in the fitness industry in some capacity since I graduated from university in 1982. It is an industry that is always changing and if you don’t change with it you get left behind. The fact that I am still in the industry in 2015 shows that I have what it takes to be successful in this industry and that the training packages and programs we offer are what people are looking for.

Having said that, how do you make yourself and your personal training studio in Calgary stand out in such a competitive fitness industry? How do you get your innovative programs to the right target market? When I first started out word of mouth, referrals and a yellow pages ad was all that was needed, but marketing is so much more complicated now with the majority of people searching for their fitness/sports programs and personal trainer on the internet.

I don’t claim to know anything about Internet marketing, google rankings, search engine optimization, twitter, Facebook, ad words, etc. but I do know that it is all very important to the success of my fitness business and how I connect with my target market driving them to my website where we can set ourselves apart from the rest of the competition.

My area of expertise is health and fitness not internet marketing. I have been working with a search engine optimization specialist for the past 6 months which has improved our google ranking and dramatically increased the number of people going to our website and making inquiries about training. Now it is up to me to convert these potential new clients into clients, something that I understand and know how to do.  My SEO specialist has given me a fighting chance in a very competitive changing market.